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Our Vision

To be the biggest social networking platform, which create opportunities for all people to become event organizers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build an area where people easily share their event expressions and find unique connection within society.

Real friendships

Make friends in real life.

Common interests

Find likeminded people as you.

Collective idea sharing

Share your ideas with daily increasing society.

More social

Be participant of active social life.


Involve communication among people.

Encourages cretivity

Feel free to create your cool waves.

Our team

Hesen Abdullayev

Team Leader

Yusif Magsudov

Sales Marketing Manager

Kamran Hasilov

Market Analyst

Nigar Ahmadova

Frontend Developer

Dilara Isayeva

Fullstack Developer

Dilber Jalilzade

UI/UX Designer